The Beginings of Neigh Hay

“What started as a quest to feed my fussy mare top-quality hay has become a small local business with a goal to supply Canberra and the surrounds with premium hay and chaff”

“We work with three different farmers in three different states to help provide both variety and quality. All of these farms are run by families passionate about growing high quality horse hay “

How Neigh Hay came to be...

In 2017, the prolonged drought saw hay prices constantly rising and as hay became harder to source quality hay got harder and harder to find. The combination of having a fussy mare and being a full-time student who couldn’t afford the drought prices resulted in the first truck with 200 bales arriving for a small group of friends in 2017. 

The increasing prices combined with having found a family farm that prides itself on producing quality hay meant that these truckes started arriving, growing from small truck to Semi-trailer. While it was a lot of work, the free hay I got from organising these trucks allowed me to keep my horse on a student budget in one of the worst droughts while feeding her some of best hay around.  

Fast forward 10,000 bales, the addition of another farmer,  the progression from a few messages to spreadsheets and Facebook groups, the rains finally came. We thought this was going to be the end and we would head back to the pre-drought norm. Yet, as the grass started to shoot rapidly turning desolate paddocks into lush fields, the messages started to come in asking when will the next delivery be?

After a few years of throwing hay bales and not owning a horse Toby said it was time to make it a business. That’s how Neigh Hay came to be. Neigh Hay slowly grew with hay being sourced from Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales to supply hay to the Yass Valley, Canberra, and the Bega Valley.

The next chapter

In June 2021 our long standing dream to find a place where we could set up our own stockfeed came to be. While it is a way off from offically opening, we are very excited that we will be opening a small stockfeed in Gundaroo NSW. 

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"Fabulous quality hay and service. Can't speak highly enough of the excellent customer service as well. Second to none". Facebook review

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"My gelding loves the Lucerne, oaten and rye, I barely need to feed him anything else. Very well priced, heavy, fresh bales." Facebook review

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"Simply the easiest way to buy good quality hay. Well organised, reliable and well priced" Facebook review