Missy’s Bucket Gut-Plus pellets


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Missy’s Bucket GUT-Plus Pellets One Supplement – All Bases Covered – The Ultimate in Nutritional Support.

Missy’s GUT-Plus is our original Vitamin and Mineral formula plus Yeast Pre & Probiotics, Magnesium, extra Vitamin A & E, Amino Acids & Mycosorb A+.

By supporting & protecting Digestion, Missy’s Bucket Gut-Plus is the ultimate choice for horses during times of increased stress or physical demands. Whether it be an increase in workload, health issues, feed and property changes or any event that requires a higher level of nutritional support.

Available in: 6kg Bucket

6kg of GUT-Plus contains 60 daily doses for the average 500kg horse.

✔️ Performance ✔️ Illness ✔️ Immune issues ✔️ Competition ✔️  Travel ✔️  OTT Recovery ✔️  Ulcer recovery ✔️ Aged and young horses ✔️  Laminitis ✔️  Skin ✔️ Hoof ✔️  Stress ✔️  Feed/pasture changes ✔️  Digestive upsets